With USAID Haiti-INVEST Technical Assistance, Delphin Investments Launches the Caribbean Resilience Investment Fund to Help Local Businesses Grow

The launch of the Caribbean Resilience Fund (CRF) created an investment fund that will help grow small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Haiti by finding local and foreign investors, including among the Haitian diaspora. Such investment will create jobs and accelerate Haiti’s economic growth. The United States, through USAID, funded the Haiti-INVEST project and partnered with Delphin Investments to provide technical assistance to develop the CRF as a way to unlock access to capital for Haitian SMEs and help them expand their operations, increase their revenues, and create much needed jobs that Haiti needs to continue to develop. To date, Haiti-INVEST is supporting 19 SMEs seeking over $25 million in capital.

“This U.S. government-sponsored project creates a new foundation for the Haitian diaspora to contribute to Haiti’s development,” said U.S. Ambassador Michele Sison.

One in six Haitians lives abroad. While many are familiar with the power and impact of remittances, the Haitian diaspora are also looking for investment opportunities to help their home country develop. The CRF creates an opportunity for the Haitian diaspora to pool their money and make strategic investments, which gives Haitian companies another source of funding to help them grow.

Haiti-INVEST also helps businesses apply for loans and investments by funding transaction advisory firms that prepare Haitian companies to seek capital and connect them with local and foreign investors. . For example, SOFIHDES, a local development bank, is one of the transaction advisory services that partnered with Haiti-INVEST. They helped GADE S.A., a local manufacturing company, apply for a loan to expand its operations.

GADE S.A. produces a wide range of goods including hand-beaded bags and uniforms for schools, hospitals, banks, and other public and private institutions. Helping GADE S.A. grow and become more profitable translates to more jobs and more goods produced in Haiti. Founder Hans Garoute noted: “SOFIHDES has been extremely helpful in making us better candidates for a bank loan. We hope to hire at least ten more women in the next 12 months to increase production and serve our growing market.”

USAID/Haiti Mission Director Chris Cushing said: “USAID is thrilled to support technical assistance through Haiti-INVEST to help Delphin Investments create a fund that we hope will function for many years to come.”


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