Medical Exam

Before completing your medical examination, you must:

1-  Complete your DS-260 Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application Confirmation (If not yet completed) through CEAC

2-  Create a profile to follow up the processing of your immigrant visa after the first visa interview.  Create a profile by visiting: and click on “Create Account”. Follow the prompts to select the correct visa category and enter your DS-260 Confirmation Number when asked.  Complete the registration form and follow the steps. This will allow you to generate a transaction confirmation. On the day of your appointment with the physician, you will be required to show the confirmation page of your profile registration.

Immigrant visa applicants must complete their medical examinations with authorized physicians before their scheduled interview dates.  Please contact one of the Embassy approved physicians listed below to schedule your appointment. Medical examinations performed by non-authorized physicians will not be accepted. 

Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete their medical exams prior to their visa interviews. The medical examination is a required step in the application process and your case will be delayed if you do not bring the results of the examination to your interview.

The medical examination includes a review of the applicant’s medical history, a general physical examination, chest X-ray, and blood tests. The physician will also review applicant’s vaccine history.


On the day of your appointment with the physician, bring your passport as proof of identity, the confirmation page of your profile registration when visiting the following website: and any vaccination records that you have available including COVID-19 Vaccine as of October 1. 2021.

All immigrant visa applicants, regardless of age, require a medical examination.  The physician will indicate which radiology facilities and laboratories are designated for the required exams and which vaccines or tests are necessary. If your vaccine history is complete you will pay a flat fee for the medical examination; if your vaccine history is incomplete or you do not have records available, you will have to complete your vaccinations.  The panel physician may offer to provide the required vaccines at an additional fee or you may obtain the vaccines from another authorized practitioner.

Once the medical examination report is finished, it will be returned to you in an envelope. Do not open the envelope.  Present the sealed envelope with the medical report to the Consular staff on the day of your interview.

COST: The medical examination fee without vaccines cost: $285.00 for adults and $205.00 for children under 15 years old.   The cost of a medical examination will vary based upon the applicant’s individual health and age. These fees include any additional exams for tuberculosis, treatment for infectious diseases such as syphilis, and vaccinationsFees are payable in US dollars or in Haitian gourdes. All fees are paid directly to the physician and/or radiology facilities and laboratories.


Dr. Nelly Drouinaud
Dr. Junior Anix Audena
Hopital St Damien
CLIMEDI  –  Hopital
Nos Petits Frères & Soeurs
Tabarre, Haiti

Tel & WhatsApp: 3780-6550

Dr. Michel Théard
Dr. Eddy Jean Baptiste
Centre de Prévention Médicale
31 Ave Charles Sumner, en face de l’hôpital Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
Turgeau, Port-au-Prince
Tel: 2941-4545, 2946-4545, 4373-7878
Whatsapp: 3710-7878