Affidavit of Support

Important Notice for Sponsors.  Read this before submitting Form I-864

Please use this checklist to assemble Form I-864 Affidavit of Support documents. Due to heavy workload considerations, the immigrant visa section will not accept affidavits of support that are incomplete or have not been assembled correctly. (Note:This form is for your personal reference. Please do not return it with the completed I-864.)

Who Needs an I-864

Petitioners for family-based immigrant visas must submit an I-864 for each visa applicant over the age of 18. Petitioners for stepchildren, regardless of age, must submit an I-864. In cases where both adoptive parents have personally seen the adopted child before or during the adoption procedure, adopted orphans are not required to submit an I-864.

Preparation Checklist

Documents should be submitted in the following order:

I. Petitioner’s documents:

  1. Form I-864. The relative who filed the petition must complete an I-864 even if a joint sponsor submits an affidavit of support.
  2. All pages in correct order (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and stapled together.
  3. Each page filled out completely.
  4. Part 7 signed by the petitioner.
  5. Complete federal tax returns and W-2s with all supporting schedules for the most recent tax year. The tax return must have all pages in the correct order and must be stapled together.

If you did not have to file a tax return, attach a written explanation and a copy of the instructions from the Internal Revenue Service publication that shows you were not obligated to file. (The most recent 1040 instructions provide information on most income tax obligations).

If assets are needed to meet the minimum income requirement:

  1. Evidence of assets with a cash value that equals the difference between your total household income and the poverty guideline for your household size.
  2. Evidence of ownership, location and the value of each asset.
  3. Evidence of liens, mortgages and liabilities for each asset (if any).
  4. Evidence of current employment of self-employment, such as a recent pay statement, or a statement from your employer on business stationery showing beginning date of employment, type of work performed and salary or wages paid.

II. Co-sponsor whose income and assets are to be considered:

  1. A separate Form I-864A for each household member whose income and assets are to be considered as part of the petitioner’s total household income.
  2. Each page filled out completely and stapled together.
  3. All tax, employment and asset documents must be assembled in the same manner as the sponsor’s (see above) and attached to the correct I-864A.
  4. Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent resident status.
  5. Part 2 and part 5 completed by sponsor.
  6. Part 3 or Part 4 and Part 6 completed by the household member.

III. Joint Sponsor’s documents (if required):

  1. Form I-864 completed by a joint sponsor if the petitioner’s income does not meet the 125% income requirement. (Note: The petitioner must still submit an I-864.)
  2. Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent resident status.
  3. Joint sponsors should follow the instructions in Part I of this checklist to complete the I-864.

IV. Documents for the principal immigrant and accompanying dependents:

  1. Principal Applicant: Original signed and notarized I-864, and I-864A, if needed), and one complete set of supporting documents (tax records, employment letters, pay stubs, etc.)
  2. Accompanying Dependents: Each dependent must have a signed I-864 (and I-864A, if needed). Copies of the principal’s I-864 and I-864A may be used, but the sponsor’s signature must be original. Photocopies of signatures will not be accepted.