Vigilance related to Job Offers at the Embassy

The US Embassy in Haiti calls for vigilance related to job offers at the Embassy


The U.S. Embassy is aware of a scam where an individual promised Embassy employment on payment of a fee.  Please be aware of these types of job offers.  Here are several things you can look for to see if the job is real.

1) The Embassy does not ask job applicants for money, ever.  If you are asked for money to apply or to accept a job offer or start training, DO NOT PAY.  It is a scam.

2) The Embassy does not make unsolicited job offers.  The Embassy only chooses applicants who have submitted applications and who have had an in-person interview.  If you have not applied for a job, then the job offer is a scam.

3) All embassy jobs are advertised on our website –  If you do not see the job advertised there, it is not a real job.

4) Any emails about Embassy jobs would come from our Human Resources Department (HR). The email will be from a email account. It will NOT be from a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, or Facebook account.

If you receive a fake job offer, please contact us directly at