U.S. Supports Haitian Entrepreneur Participation in the Haiti Tech Summit

(Port-au-Prince, Haiti) June 14, 2018 As a platinum sponsor and lead partner of the 2018 Haiti Tech Summit, the United States Embassy in Haiti is pleased to announce the selection of 25 local entrepreneurs who will be featured at the summit.  As part of the Embassy’s on-going efforts to promote entrepreneurship and bi-lateral economic growth, the Embassy works throughout the year to share capacity building skills and widen the professional networks of Haitian entrepreneurs.

Participants will meet over one hundred speakers from Facebook, Google, Amazon, and many others.  The Haiti Tech Summit is part of a thirteen-year initiative of the Global Startup Ecosystem. The goal of the Summit is to help entrepreneurs in Haiti catalyze innovation in their communities and in their country.

Ambassador Sison noted, “We are proud to work alongside the Haitian-America diaspora, some of America’s leading innovation companies, and the Government of Haiti to support Haiti’s youth.” The embassy sponsored Start Up Lab entrepreneurs are 50% women, and represent broad geographic diversity throughout Haiti.

In addition to operating the flagship regional exchange program, the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative focused exclusively on entrepreneurship in the Western Hemisphere, the U.S. Embassy hosted #TechCampOkay, bringing together over 30 entrepreneurs from the Grand d’Anse and Southern Departments.

This is the first time that an entity has sponsored such a large amount of participants. Inc Magazine picked up on the momentum around the growing population of tech entrepreneurs in Haiti last year and we hope that more media networks capture the new stories of entrepreneurial innovation evolving out of Haiti.

Pleases find below the list of participating businesses:

  1. STEM Access for Girls
  2. Endevanord
  3. OmanuDigital
  4. Cafe Lux
  6. Galata Fanmi
  7. Délices by Marie Flore Morett
  8. KIZI S.A.
  9. Tchalam
  10. Mon’Edy Tourisme Agency
  11. CAPPA
  12. Miel d’Or
  13. FDStrategy
  14. Bambou Facile
  15. Polyclinique 384
  16. BM-Solutions
  17. tech tech show
  18. Exhaustic
  20. Bwat imaj
  21. Juicy Fruits
  23. Grace Park Community-Moringa & Gardens
  24. SAADH
  25. EDAS Collection