U.S. Embassy Statement on Haiti

The United States Government shares the desire of the Haitian people for a better future for Haiti.  Genuine dialogue and compromise, leading to a transparent and accountable government, can best serve the needs and aspirations of the Haitian people.  In this connection, the United States Government welcomes President Moise’s call for national dialogue.

Since February 7, the Haitian people have suffered increasing violence, resulting in the death of innocent civilians and the destruction of public and private property.  The United States Government urges all citizens, political parties, and civil society organizations to express themselves peacefully.  Violence leads to further instability and suffering for the Haitian people.  We commend the Haitian National Police for working to maintain peace and stability while ensuring that Haitian citizens exercise the right to make their voices heard.

We encourage all of Haiti’s lawfully elected representatives, and all Haitians who seek a peaceful political solution consistent with Haiti’s constitution, to engage in an inclusive dialogue – without resorting to violent action. We also encourage the full implementation of sound economic policy measures for the benefit of the Haitian people.  Improved and transparent resource management will promote long-term economic growth, improve the investment climate, and generate employment opportunities.   We urge the government to redouble its efforts in fighting corruption and in holding those implicated in the PetroCaribe scandal accountable.

We reaffirm our commitment to the Haitian people and will continue to work with Haiti towards a more secure, prosperous, and democratic nation for all Haitians.