U.S. Embassy Statement

The United States, a longtime partner and friend of Haiti, shares Haiti’s desire for a better future for its people. The United States supports the human rights of people everywhere to freely express themselves and peacefully protest, and supports the Haitian government as it safeguards both those rights, and the security of public and private property.  We encourage meaningful dialogue to address points of disagreement and find lasting solutions without violence. We urge all parties and leaders to work together to move the political dialogue forward in ways that advance the interests and aspirations of the Haitian people.

We would like to commend the professionalism demonstrated by the Haiti National Police in maintaining security and preserving public order on November 18, and in the days before and after.  We offer our condolences to the families and friends of the victims who have lost their lives.

The United States recognizes the democratic legitimacy of the government of Haiti, its institutions, and elected officials. We urge the Haitian government to continue its efforts towards strengthening the rule of law, good governance, and anti-corruption efforts to ensure political and economic stability.

The United States will continue to work with Haiti toward a safer, more secure, and prosperous country for all Haitians. We note that Haiti will be preparing for legislative elections next year.  We hope all Haitians agree that those can only take place in a climate of peace, tranquility, transparency and in accordance with Haitian law.