The United States Condemns Violence in Port au Prince and Other Cities

The United States condemns the ongoing violence in Port au Prince and other cities.  These shootings, killings, arson and destruction not only hurt Haitian citizens, but also add to Haiti’s economic and social instability and prolong the interruption of daily life for the Haitian people, particularly Haiti’s school children.

We firmly support the right to peaceful protest and freedom of expression, and we urge all citizens to express themselves peacefully and to reject violence.  The United States supports the Haitian people’s aspirations for a better life; these aspirations must be achieved through a Haitian-led, nonviolent, and democratic solution, including through inclusive dialogue.

Haiti’s political and economic leaders need to work together with civil society toward a peaceful and democratic solution.

The apparent lack of urgency to resolve the extended political stalemate is increasingly worrisome, as is the growing negative impact on public security, the economy, and the delivery of humanitarian assistance, including food aid.