Information on Obtaining A Permis De Sejour

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The following information is provided to U.S. citizens who may be considering residing for more than one year in Haiti.  The Embassy believes this information is accurate as of the date of printing, but experience has shown that Haitian Immigration requirements and procedures are often subject to variation and/or change without notice.

Who must obtain a Permis de Séjour

Every person over the age of 21 who travels with a non-Haitian travel document and who intends to remain in Haiti for more than three months, for whatever reason, is required to obtain a Permis de Sejour.  This includes missionaries, teachers, businessmen, retirees and students.  Applications for this document can be made in Haiti at the Direction de l’Immigration, located at Avenue John Brown, in Port-au-Prince (downtown).

To make an application in the United States, you must provide the following documentation to your closest Haitian consulate or Haitian Consular Agent:

  • Letter stating the reason why you are intending to spend more than a year in Haiti
  • Statement of good behavior from your local police station in the United States
  • Set of fingerprints from your local police station in the United States
  • Two (2) ID photos
  • Photocopy of the first three pages of your passport
  • Medical certificate from your doctor in the United States
  • Bank statement

To make an application in Haiti you must:

  • Write a letter requesting an application for a residence permit to the Directorate of Immigration and Emigration by notifying the reasons.
  • A photocopy of the biographical page of passport of the applicant.
  • A letter of employment from its employer or the person who supports it, guaranteeing the stay of the foreigner in Haiti and repatriation if necessary.
  • A Medical Certificate not older than thirty (30) days.
  • Two (2) photographs of the person applying (format: Passport Photo and color).
  • A photocopy of the boarding card obtained during last re-entry to the country.
  • A photocopy of Birth Certificate (French translation required).
  • A bank statement from a bank operating in Haiti.
  • A criminal record (Country of origin of recent date)

Note that when filing documents, the applicant will have to be interviewed and then to complete the application for a residence permit. His fingerprints will be taken and stored in the database of the institution. In reference to Article 34, the annual application for renewal of residence permit will be accompanied by the slip proving payment of fee income taxes of the fiscal year elapsed. For those who work for a foreign organization, the letter of introduction must be written by the organization on its letterhead.


(The following fees are applicable only in Haiti, for fees applicable in the United States, please contact you nearest Haitian Consular Representative).

*Payments are only accepted by “Chèque de Direction” payable to the order of “Trésor Public”

1st Time issuance           5000.00 Gourdes

Renewal                         2500.00 Gourdes

Student                          1250.00 Gourdes


Article 1. – All native-born Haitians enjoying another nationality and their descendants are:

  1. Exempted from the need of a Haitien visa to enter and exit Haiti
  2.  Exempted from the formalities of the residence permit (Permis de Séjour) and payment of related taxes;
  3. Exempted from the formalities of the work permit, employment permit and payment of related taxes;
  4. Exempted from the formalities related to the license issued to foreigners and payment of related taxes;
  5. Eligible both to civil service and to the employment market, except in cases expressly prohibited by the Constitution;
  6. Exempted from the need to receive an authorization from the Ministry of Justice to acquire any real estate properties;
  7. Authorized to acquire in urban areas any real estate properties with an area not exceeding 3 ha 87, equivalent to three (3) acres of land;
  8. Entitled to fully enjoying the same rights of succession than all Haitians;
  9. Authorized, in case of auction by contract (voie parée), to be proclaimed purchaser of the property assigned to the payment of its debt and statements of orders.