Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince, Haiti (February 8, 2019)

Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince, Haiti (February 8, 2019)

Location: Haiti.

Events: Protest activity continues in Port-au-Prince and other areas of Haiti. Out of an abundance of caution, the embassy has instructed its employees to remain at their residences between 6:00pm February 8 and 7:00am February 9. The U.S. Embassy is also consolidating employees in central locations. American employees are prohibited from traveling within Haiti beyond a 15-mile radius of the Embassy without prior Chief of Mission approval.

The Consular Section plans to open for normal business at 7:00am on Monday, February 11. If you were unable to attend your AmericanCitizen Services appointment on February 7 or 8, please reschedule your appointment online.  To reschedule a missed visa appointment, please call 509-2812-2929 (Haiti) or 1-703-544-7842 (U.S.), or email

Actions to take:

  •  Review your personal security plan;
  •  Monitor local news reports;
  •  Avoid demonstrations and any large gatherings of people;
  •  Share your contact information and travel plans with family, friends or others;
  •  Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks; and
  •  If you encounter a roadblock, turn around and get to a safe area.