Security Alert:  U.S. Embassy Port au Prince, Haiti

Location:  Port au Prince

Events:  There are reports of protests around the city of Port au Prince due to the increase in fuel prices.  Please remain vigilant as large gatherings of this sort can be unpredictable.  The U.S. Embassy has restricted non-official travel of its direct-hire U.S. citizen staff to the immediate Embassy neighborhood.  As a reminder, Haiti has the highest (Level 4) Travel Advisory (“Do Not Travel”) for kidnapping, crime, civil unrest, and COVID-19.  The travel advisory for Haiti, available at, notes that kidnapping is widespread and victims regularly include U.S. citizens.  Those deciding to travel and/or remain in Haiti should carefully consider the information available on

Actions to take:

  • Avoid the area;
  • Avoid demonstrations and any large gatherings of people;
  • Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks; and
  • If you encounter a roadblock, turn around and get to a safe area.