Message for U.S. Citizens: Passport Fee to Increase on December 27, 2021

Effective December 27, 2021, the passport security surcharge fee will increase by $20.  For minor passport applicants who use Form DS-11, the new fee is $135.  For adults renewing their passports using Form DS-82, the new fee is $130.  For adults who must apply in person using Form DS-11, the new fee is $165.

Applying for a Passport:

All passport forms are found here.

Delivery By DHL:

Passports and Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) can be delivered to you via DHL, and you do not need to come back to the U.S. Embassy to pick up your passports and CRBAs once they are issued.

  1. Applicants may fill out a DHL slip during the interview that provides information about which DHL location they would like to pick up their passports or CRBAs. The DHL location will call the applicant when their passport or CRBA is ready for pickup.
  2. The applicant must then go to the selected DHL location with a valid ID and 10 USD to retrieve their passports or CRBAs. If an applicant has a CRBA and passport combination, there is only one charge of 10 USD if the two are mailed together

IMPORTANT INFORMATION If you would like us to send your new passport via DHL, your expired passport must be cancelled at the time of your interview.

The applicant will pay for DHL delivery when they pick up their passports or CRBAs at the designated DHL location. Below is the list the DHL Offices in Haiti:

  1. DHL International PAP, 17 Blvd. T. Louverture, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  2. DHL International Carrefour – Rote Nationale #2 Diquini, Immeuble Delimart, Carrefour*
  3. 19, Rue Cleveaux, Petion-Ville
  4. DHL International Cap-Hatien – 164, Rue 5A Carrenage, Cap-Hatien

*Please note that DHL is currently not shipping to Carrefour due to security reasons.