INL Uniforms Delivery

On January 31, Chargé d’affaires Robin Diallo, accompanied by INL Director Nicholas Hilgert and Deputy Director Brooke de Montluzin, formally transferred 202 instructor uniforms to Bernard Elie, Director of the PNH School, and 11,000 prisoner uniforms to Jean Gardy Muscadin, Head of the PNH’s Corrections Authority (DAP).  The United States is proud to support the PNH with this contribution, valued at approximately $90,000.

The United States is particularly pleased to learn that women will make up 28 percent of the next Promotion Class scheduled to start in February at the PNH School.  U.S. support to DAP has included the construction of several prison facilities and training for DAP officials.  The United States hopes that Haiti’s justice sector authorities will take the necessary steps to combat prolonged pretrial detention to alleviate overcrowding in Haiti’s prison system.