Graduation of the first cohort of 35 Haitian women from the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)

Kay Tita and community partners Impact Hub Port-au-Prince and Katalyst Konbit – celebrate the graduation of the first cohort of 35 Haitian women from the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Port-au-Prince Chapter


Join us for a Live roundtable celebrating the winners of the AWE Pitch competition and a discussion about women entrepreneurship in Haiti, facilitated by Nzingah Oniwosan Featuring the winners and several judges. Nineteen women competed for $6000.00 (USD) in cash awards to be used as investment into their business.

Saturday, June 13th, 2020 at 12:00pm EST

In partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) the Port-au-Prince, Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) focused on empowering 35 women throughout Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The Port-au-Prince AWE chapter was one of twenty-six pilot programs in the world.

Through an inclusive learning community, the women were given opportunities to explore the fundamentals of business, including creating business plans and raising capital, with the goal of building a better future for their families and communities.

The 1st place winners of the cash prizes from each category:
● Clothes & Jewelry : Dieuvela Bien Aimé (DIEUVELA STORE)
● Arts & Culture : Stéphania M. Mervil (MAKRAMITHS)
● Food : Woodzor Similien (WOOBYDOO)
● Agriculture : Marie Djenie Dorlean (BEL PANYEN)
● Education : Florence Dufort (CARIBBEAN PLAY)
● Professional Development : Kerlyne Zephir (MaSOCA)
● Peoples Choice : Youseline Vital (PAYÉT DESIGN)

Special Guests: Christina V Jean-Louis (Eucalyptus Guest House), Regine Zamor (Waste Works), Mackendy Blanc (Katalyst Konbit)

Submissions for the competition were evaluated by the following Haitian women entrepreneurs:
● Angie Bell (Atizan International), Maghan Morin ( Thynk Global)
● Christine Souffrant Natim (Haiti Tech Summit), Regine Zamor (WasteWorks)
● Christina V Jean-Louis (Eucalyptus Guest House), Daphnee Charles (CoCoread)

The Port-au-Prince Inaugural Cohort are:
● Lisa Jude Georges (REGAL), Melinda Dominique (MEL’S CORNER)
● Marie Djenie Dorlean (BEL PANYEN), Youseline Vital(PAYÉT DESIGN)
● Sophia Janvier (CROCHIC HAITI), Ruth S.Beauchamps (COPO COFFEE)
● Vastie Paulo (BF ElEGANCE), Noel Johanne (MANMI SOSO)
● Woodzor Similien (WOOBYDOO), Jirona Joseph (ART SEQUIN)
● Tessy Ambroise (TESS PLANNER), Geralda Louis (CREATION LOGEDA)
● Debora E. Toussaint (FEMTECH), Kerlyne Zephir (MaSOCA)
● Nirva Jolicoeur (KIZI SA), Stéphania M. Mervil (MAKRAMITHS)
● Shella Jean-Francois( POTEL POU MWEN), Olguine Metellus (GST)
● Dieuvela Bien Aimé (DIEUVELA STORE), Emylina Alexis(RUTH VLF)
● Anne Marjorie René (BÒZÒ), Lucna Henrisme (COMPARET)
● Clartie Maeva Salomon (FIRELAND PASTRY)
● Winnie Petit Paul (HAITI BRAND CO), Florence Dufort (CARIBBEAN PLAY)
● Yasmine Metellus (CPK),Claire M.V. Pierre-Louis (AGENCE CITRONNELLE)
● Emmlyne Emmanuel (KAY PRO SERVICES)

For more information about the women, their business, and the program: please visit

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