Cultural Affairs

The Cultural Section partners with Haitian civil society through cultural, academic, and governmental institutions and local NGOs to engage in programs that promotes mutual understanding between Haitians and Americans.  Our programs foster the sharing of information on U.S. society, values and expertise with interested Haitian audiences through professional, academic and cultural exchange programs. These programs, which are at the heart of the section’s work, seek to promote the free exchange of information and ideas, capacity building, and to increase understanding between the citizens of the United States and other countries.

Note:  Applicants with extensive or recent experience in the U.S. will not be considered for these programs.  Haitians with dual U.S. citizenship, legal permanent residence in the U.S. (green card status), or legal permanent residence in other countries are ineligible for these programs.  Program announcements and deadlines will be posted regularly on the Embassy’s main page.

Cultural Exchanges

The Cultural Section brings U.S. professionals to Haiti to share their expertise with a broader Haitian audience.  In coordination with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Section works with local partners for exchanges involving performing and visual arts, music, and sports. These exchanges vary from small, invitation-only meetings to large-scale public events.  With the use of new technologies, such Digital Video Conferencing (DVC) and social media, the section can reach a wider Haitian and American audience for continuous dialogue.  The Section also assists local partners with planning of major cultural programs, for instance the International Jazz Festival of Port au Prince.