Political Section

The Embassy’s political section is charged with advocating U.S. foreign policy with the Government of Haiti as well as providing detailed reporting and analysis to the Ambassador and other U.S. government policymakers regarding political developments in Haiti. Members of the political section meet with the Executive Office of the embassy (the Ambassador or the Deputy Chief of Mission) on a daily basis. The political section is responsible for researching, writing and publishing relevant sections of the Human Rights Report, the Trafficking in Persons Report and the International Religious Freedom Report. The political section also meets with leaders and policymakers in the Haitian government, law enforcement, civil society, business community and non-governmental organizations, as well as representatives from the international community (including the UN and other embassies). The political section represents the U.S. government and its policies at official functions and in meetings with Haitian citizens and members of the international community. When tasked, the political section may act as observers for events important to United States interests in Haiti, such as elections, court cases, and public safety measures. Members of the political section are sometimes tasked to deliver demarches, a diplomatic term for conveying official messages from the United States Government to members of a foreign government.

Key Reports