Consular Section

The Consular Section conducts diplomacy on behalf of the United States at the most intense and intimate level.

The Consular Section:

  • Protects United States citizens in Haiti by issuing, renewing, or replacing U.S. passports; by registering the births of children born in Haiti to U.S. citizen parents;  by providing notarial, voting and federal benefits to U.S. citizens residing in Haiti, and by helping U.S. citizens when they fall ill, are arrested, become destitute, are victims of crime or are caught in natural and manmade disasters, or if they die in Haiti, assisting their families.
  • Promotes the legitimate travel of people who want to visit, study, do business in the United States while detecting and deterring  those who intend  to violate our laws, conduct criminal acts, and do us harm through espionage or terrorism.
  • Enables an orderly, legal immigration process for eligible Haitian citizens to take up lawful residence in the United States and if they choose, become U.S. citizens after a certain period of residence there.

The work of the Consular Section upholds U.S. national security by protecting our borders against those who would do us harm, by facilitating foreign tourism and study which adds directly to the U.S. economy, and by bolstering U.S. global influence through the travel and residence of U.S. citizen overseas. It contributes to the establishment of a stable, economically viable Haiti by supporting both commerce and social contact between the two countries.