Contract Opportunities

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, General Services Office (GSO) Contracting and Procurement, seeks to enter into contracts with qualified reliable firms with sufficient resources, financing, and work experience for delivering and performing a variety of commodities and or services.

In order for a Company to be considered for embassy contracts, the Company shall be able to meet, satisfy, understand, and comply with the requirements in the Notice to Potential Offerors.

It will soon be mandated that all businesses entering into a contract or purchase order with the U.S. Government will require a DUN’s Number. Please take the time to register your company with Dun and Bradstreet.  Below are current opportunities. Qualified firms interested in any of these opportunities must follow the specific instructions in the solicitation description that is provided for each opportunity.

O = Opening Date
C = Closing Date

RFQ# 19HA7023Q0026 Preventive Maintenance Services for ACs at U.S. Embassy Residences Porta-au-Prince, Haiti

Opening Date:  03/07/2023
Closing Date:     03/23/2023

PR11415254 – 19HA7023Q0016 BAS Preventive maintenance service contract for NEC

Opening Date:  03/09/2023
Closing Date:     03/24/2023

PR11417971 – 19HA7023Q0017 Chillers preventive maintenance service contract

Opening Date:  03/09/2023
Closing Date:     03/24/2023

PR11436594_Stock for Maintenance & Repair

Opening Date:  03/10/2023
Closing Date:    03/21/2023

PR11465798 – 19HA7023Q0029 FAC_PMSC for NEC; Reyes; SR waste water plants

Opening Date:  03/16/2023
Closing Date:     03/31/2023

Pre-Solicitation Notice for RFQ# 19HA7023Q0028 Cellular Phone Services for U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Opening Date: 03/23/2023
Closing Date: N/A