Harold Courlander American Corner

Haiti’s first American Corner is named after American anthropologist Harold Courlander who produced musical records of traditional Haitian music and wrote extensively about Haitian folklore, voodoo studies and drum works.  This space is located within the Bibliothèque Monique Calixte (BMC) of  the Fondation Connaissance et Liberte (FOKAL) Headquarters in Port-au-Prince.  It was launched on January 20, 2011 by Ambassador Kenneth H. Merten and FOKAL General Director Lorraine Mangones.

The Harold Courlander American Corner is a friendly, accessible space open to the public which offers a periodical and a book collection based on reference titles, Americana, classic and contemporary literature, business and government publications and various other relevant topics.  Patrons have the opportunity to explore similarities and differences between Haiti and the United States using free Internet access, information exchange and cultural programs.   Other timely activities at the Corner include storytelling nights, concerts, theater presentations, workshops, debates, book and poster exhibits and displays, conferences and slam nights.  Permanent programs showcase a film club, an English conversation club and a chess club.

The Film Club meets every Thursday at 2:00PM to watch and discuss  thematic movies based on commemorations, observances, popular American and World culture.

The Harold Courlander-American Corner English Conversation Clubcurrently has 20 active members, and meets every Friday from 4:00-5:00 PM

The Harold Courlander Chess Club meets every Saturday morning.  There are 12 young members who come regularly to play and learn different chess game techniques.

Our American Corner located inside the Monique Calixte Library at FOKAL is the right spot for a Friday evening English conversation practice.  It is conveniently situated near local schools and universities and students and professionals alike can just walk-in.  The American corner welcomes guest speakers from the US Embassy personnel, form the alumni community and the great pool of contacts we have.