American Center

The American Spaces are a component of the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Haiti. It is a reference research center that aims to provide comprehensive and authoritative information on issues such as U.S. policy, democracy and free enterprise, rule of law and human rights, and U.S society and culture to those who need to make informed decisions.

The American Spaces emphasize both electronic resources and books.  It has a collection of reference books, periodicals, pamphlets, and a variety of electronic resources, including Kindle e-readers.  It also provides online access to the latest U.S. governmental information and legislation.

The American Spaces are intended to meet the needs of professionals, including government policy makers, political leaders, business people, journalists, students and those whose work require them to have in-depth information about the United States.

American Spaces Include:

  • Access to eLibraryUSA (PDF 314 KB), a virtual online library with free access to 20 authoritative and up-to date databases.
  • English Teaching Forum  for teachers: Call us to receive back or current issues of this great tool for all English instructors!
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL)  resource books and materials for teachers.
  • Democratie pour Tous/Demokrati pou tout moun manuals: Our trademark civic education manual is available for schools, institutions, and organizations wishing to promote citizen participation and human rights!
  • Local Schools and Libraries Partnerships:  Is your institution actively engaged in educating your community?  Contact us if you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a book discussion or other activity, or for more information on materials to enhance your library!

Our American Spaces staff welcome inquiries concerning the United States and request for appointments; please see our brochure (PDF 1.15MB) for more information.  Please also note that the American Spaces are not open on U.S. or Haitian official holidays.

The American Space Programs

The Board Game Club was initiated as a way for participants to have fun and learn and practice English at the same time.   It also encourages group and team work, as well as strategy and critical thinking.  It is held on Tuesdays at the American Embassy from 9 am to 12 pm.

Potential participants can register by writing to:

The “Talk and Learn” English Conversation Club is held on Wednesdays at the American Embassy from 9 am to 12 pm. The club is great platform for participants to practice English and to learn about American culture and values through a range of activities and themes.  Different speakers, including diplomats, alumni, local contacts and guests from around the United States are invited to talk about specific subjects then conduct a Q & A.

Participants MUST register for each session:

The American Spaces launched an ongoing “getting to know you better” book caravan which will take us to several different sites.  Caravan programs include American Spaces presentations, reading sessions and book donations to organizations, schools, institutions and cultural centers.  We create awareness by promoting American culture and values using our Nouveaux Horizons book collections.   We also organize thematic book discussions at the Embassy. They are moderated by guest speakers from the community.    We provide a platform for decision makers, university students and the general public to exchange and express themselves.

You can visit the American Spaces by making an appointment by writing to: