Remarks by Ambassador Sison at the Diegue Sous-Commissariat Handover

I am delighted that we have a chance to gather here this afternoon at this newly constructed police facility, financed by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

I would like to offer special recognition today to PALGAG, the project implementer, for a job well done.

The United States has been a strong partner with the HNP for more than twenty years. Since 2010, the United States has contributed more than $250 million to the HNP, helping expand the number of HNP personnel to more than 15,000 officers and increase the number of women in the ranks of the HNP.

I was proud to meet last week with four women serving in the HNP who had just returned from a police leadership program with INL support. The United States will continue to provide quality training to the HNP in the coming years.

Today’s inauguration is part of a series of police facilities that have been turned over to the Government of Haiti for the Haitian National Police.

Across Haiti, the United States has completed construction of police commissariats and other facilities, such as those in Vivy-Michel, Martissant, Habitation LeClerc, St. Marc, Caracol, La Pointe, and elsewhere.

We have also made improvements to the Police School, such as new classrooms, kitchen facilities, and a pavilion, and we built two new prisons in Cabaret and Fort Liberte. The United States, through INL, is pleased to have been able to make a major contribution to the HNP’s development.

American support for the HNP goes far beyond these bricks and mortar projects, however, important as they are.

American advisors are supporting the HNP in counter-narcotics, community policing, corrections, and are working with key HNP Directors as they seek to reinforce and strengthen their administrative and management systems.

I want to add my special thanks to the local community in Diegue. Without your commitment to provide increased security for your community we would not be here today.

Mayor, we need strong communities and we need secure communities. I am proud to have the opportunity to be here with you today and to celebrate this moment together with you.

I want to assure you and our partners in the HNP here today, that the United States will continue to work with you in the coming years to find new ways to work together to promote security and economic prosperity for our two countries.

Thank you very much.