Celebrating the Fulbright Program in Haiti

Port au Prince, Haiti – Recognizing the value of two-way academic exchange, Chargé d’Affaires Robin Diallo hosted Fulbrighters past and present to celebrate the successes of the program and discuss how advanced degrees serve Haiti’s future.  The Fulbright Program is the keystone exchange program of the U.S. Government and reflects U.S. commitment to educational excellence and cultural exchange.  In Haiti, the Program selects academically talented students and scholars to pursue doctoral or master’s degrees at American universities.

The U.S. Embassy recognizes the work of the American scholars in Haiti, Margaret Jann, Ph.D. who teaches architecture at Université Quisqueya and Irene Brisson, Ph.D. who work independently on the field of architecture in Léogane. We congratulate the cohort of seven (7) Haitian Fulbright nominees who will be traveling to the United States to complete their masters’ degrees.


Faculty Development Program

Nadine Robert, professor at the Faculté d’ Odontologie de l’Université d’Etat d’Haiti; Master of Oral Biology; University of Pittsburg

Lesly Livardieu Andrecy, professor at the Université Publique de l’Artibonite aux Gonaives; Master of Oral Biology; Indiana University in Bloomington

Bens Bernard, professor at the Ecole Superieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti; Master of in Data Modeling/ Warehousing and Database Administration; Mississippi State University


Foreign Students Program

Danta Ruthnie Bien-Aimé, Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery; Harvard University, Cambridge

Carl-Henry Joseph, Master of Education Economic; Toledo University, Ohio

Winnie Hugot Gabriel, Master of Intellectual Property and Technology Law; University of Maryland

Pierre Ricard Pognon, Master of Health Technology; Temple University

“The Fulbright program is more than just a scholarship, it is a lifelong experience that will change your lives, beliefs, and strengthen your professional capacity. Fulbright brings out the very best in our participants and helps them grow professionally and personally,” noted Chargé Diallo.

We congratulate these Haitian scholars for their dedication, commitment and hard work and wish them success as they embark on this journey.